Cámara Leret
Susana works through a metonymy of spaces and species where — as in language — names, natural classes and homologous parts become interchangeable through associative procedures. These reformulations respond to an interest in the idiosyncrasy, experience and representation of living environments. Her work is a reaction to the configurations of these spaces, re-examining relations between its visible and non-visible agents through an orchestration of processes that engage living materials, organisms and systems across an asymmetry of scales. Her ongoing investigations enquire on the forms and contents that can be revealed from the territory and living spaces we inhabit. Often as long-lasting projects of a collaborative character, these lie at the intersection of various disciplines, confronting a negotiation and translation of interests through the articulation of materials, objects and images. Concerned with the imprint of contiguity and displacement on the plasticity of memory, the work is driven by its multiple forms of spatialisation, as in the inheritance, transmission and expression of information from one generation of an organism or system to the next. Aspects of historicity are thus juxtaposed to local an/aesthetic practices, to question the construction and 'know-hows’ of natural events.

Together with designer Mike Thompson, Susana is co-founder of the art/design research studio Thought Collider. Her practice develops across ES—UK—NL and she is currently based in León, Spain. To get in touch, please email:

2018, SCL